Some of my earliest railfanning experiences were on the Sierra starting in 1958. The Central Coast Railroad Club was my first railfan affiliation, and about that time Central Coast convinced the Sierra to restore No. 28 to service and run steam fantrips.  No. 3 was kept serviceable for movie work, but was worn out.  I remember the Chief Mechanical Officer commenting thee was nothing wrong with the 3 that couldn't be fixed by jacking up the stack and running a new locomotive under it.    My photographic record of those trips is rather small, mainly because both my equipment and photographic skills were poor.  But a few pix have survived over they years and they will be gathered here.  If the caption information is sketchy, it is because my memory of those early days in also sketchy.

One of the things I find interesting in reviewing these pictures is the rather quick and dirty touch up that Bob Mangles, Terry Barns, and I did to cover up the worst of the movie paint on the 28 in May of 1961 stayed on the engine right up until it derailed and was taken out of service in 1963.