I never saw the Nevada Northern in regular operation although I had plenty of opportunities, even passed through Ely in the 60's. But the museum that took over when Kennecott shut down and donated the railroad to various public entities has provided plenty of opportunities to get the pictures I missed "back in the day".

The Nevada Northern is an amazing museum. Kennecott left almost everything behind: rolling stock, rails, stations, shops, tools and shop machinery, even spare parts. Only the East Broad Top can compare in terms of the completeness of the preserved infrastructure of a steam era railroad.

The challenge at the Nevada Northern is people, both visitors and staff, since it is in the middle of nowhere.But it has managed to survive and provides visitors with an amazing insight into railroading, both in terms of the operation and the maintenance.

These pictures were taken between 1999 and 2014 at various "Winter Photo Shoots" that the NN hosts during the dead of winter. The winter shoots were the brain child of Joel Jensen, a talented photographer who was living in Ely. Winter provides the best lighting, the cold makes the smoke and steam effects more dramatic, and if you are lucky enough to get snow, the area takes on an almost Alpine ambience. Joel is no longer associated with the winter shoots, but the tradition continues.

I have made enough visits to the NN that my picture collection was ballooning, so I divided things into two albums:  a "favorites" and an "everything" collection.  So you can see my carefully curated short version, or the whole lollapalooza.