The Grand Canyon Railroad is the former Santa Fe branch from Winslow to Grand Canyon, now operated as a tourist railroad. It is now owned by Xanterra Parks and Resorts, the concessionaire for the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park. At one time regular trains were steam powered, but now steam is used only for special occasions. These images are the result of four visits.  The first visit was a 1997 railroad-sponsored "railfan" weekend.  We doubleheaded with the 18 and 4960 from Williams to the Grand Canyon, and returned with the 4960.  The following year Rey Barraza and I were enroute to the C&TS and spent two days at the El Tovar hotel explored Coconino Canyon to get a few shots of of 4960 on the regular trains.  Then in 2002  the ATSF 3751 from San Bernardino visited during the NRHS convention and Dave Goodheart arranged for a charter over the GCR including a sunrise photo op.   Finally, in 2011 Pete Lerro ran a two day photo charter with the 4960, one day with a freight consist, the second with the ex-SP Harriman "sub" passenger cars.