I visited the White Pass multiple times by both cruise ship and air (to Whitehorse).  Most of these pictures were taken on two photo charters by Trains Unlimited in September 2000 and June 2003.

The White Pass was one of those 19th Century wonders built when anything was possible, to haul gold miners across the mountains to the Yukon gold fields. During World War Two it was a critical link to building the Alaska Highway, and continued to haul freight until 1982 when it finally succumbed to a newly opened parallel all weather highway.

But it was perfectly located to provide amusement to the fast growing Alaska cruise ship industry and it reopened in 1988 as a purely seasonal tourist railway.  The reopened railroad initially only ran to the top of White Pass, but over the years it has gradually extended operations as far as Carcross.  The section from Carcross to Whitehorse remains more or less intact but unused.  The tourist business is very profitable, new coaches have been purchased, locomotives upgraded, and much of the line has been relaid with heavier rail.  During the peak of the tourist season ten to 15 trains operate over the line.  Regular operations are fully dieselized, but two steam engines are maintained to provide occasional steam operations.  One of the steam engines (73) was overhauled and returned to service in 2019.

Ownership over the years has evolved and at one time included a company that was mostly in the golf course management business, but more recently the line was purchased by a consortium that includes Carnival Corporation, a major cruise line company calling at Skagway (Carnival, Princess, Holland America).  Actual operation is in the hands of a local Alaskan company primarily in the marine port business.