I visited New Orleans briefly in early 1962 when the Navy sent me from California to South Carolina for Mine Warfare School.  At that time two lines were running, the St. Charles and the original Canal Street lines.  The St. Charles lines survives to this day, but the Canal Street line was abandoned not long after these pictures were taken.  But miracle of miracles, New Orleans later rebuilt the Canal Street line and has added several other street car lines.  The first seven images are all of the original Canal Street line.  Those are followed by some taken in December 2016 that include both the St. Charles line that is operated with some of the original cars such as those seen in 1962, as well as the new Canal Street line that is served with modern replica cars painted red.  The new cars are somewhat similar to the older cars but appear to have clerestories for air conditioning, side doors to handle disabled people, and are a lot quieter than the old cars.