BCRail was probably my favorite mainline railroad.  It certainly was one of the most scenic in North Amerca, especially with regard to diversity within a relatively short distance.  Within hours you could be skirting scenic ocean beaches, spectacular river canyons, and mountain lakes rimmed by snow capped peaks.  All that is still there, only now it is part of CN and trains are few and far between, so it is a lot tougher to photograph.  Of particular note are the Budd cars.   They provided daily service between Vancouver and Lillooet, and tri-weekly service north of Lillooet.  It continues to amaze me that this line has not become a popular tourist attraction.  The Budd cars were not popular enough to be profitable, BCR's own upscale tourist train was not a financial success, and today's occasional Rocky Mountaineer does not seem to be an overwhelming success.