The Great Rotary Show - A Life Chasing Trains

On a number of occasions during the 1990's the C&TS chose to fire up the OY rotary snow plow to open the line over Cumbres in the Spring.  These events turned into dramatic photo ops, drawing hundreds of on lookers, and generating lots of TV news coverage (and free nationwide publicity) for the railroad.  But plowing Spring snow, much of which turns to ice, was not only tough on men and equipment, but also not cost effective.  Moreover, when 484 derailed on ice and almost ended up on its side in 1999, C&TS management became concerned about the safety of snow clearing operations. So the OM and OY have sat cold and silent since then.  But more recently the railroad has operated several successful spring snow clearing operations using locomotive plows and flangers, and interest is growing in seeing OY operated again.