This was a bittersweet trip on the D&S.  It was good to ride the D&S again, but not only was it the last photo charter sponsored by Dave and Jean Gross, but it ended up with Rich Millard, a 25 year D&S veteran, good guy,  and supporter of railfan activities on the D&S being fired, allegedly because our train set a small fire on his watch.  And just to make things worse,  I also found out long time acquaintance Jim McClellan, who I last saw on one of Dave's earlier charters,  could not make the trip because he was sick and passed away a few days later.  Too much bad news.

It was a two day trip, October 6 and 7 with an overnight in Silverton.  I rode only on Friday, sharing my ticket with a British friend of Rich Tower's who could only ride the first day.  As usual Dave arranged for great photo ops.