This was my first visit to the narrow gauge since the very early days of the C&TS.  But I had heard about the Tall Timber resort and it sounded like something railroad-related that I could talk my wife into.  It was expensive, but we could afford the short half-week package.   The only access was either by train or by helicopter.  We rode the train in and much to my surprise my wife agreed to a helicopter ride out. Tall Timber was great. A wonderfully isolated wooded setting surrounded by towering canyon walls, great accommodations, a luxurious lodge, and not only could I hike along the railroad, but I could watch the last train of the day from our table in the fancy dining room.  The time passed way too fast.  Here are a few pictures.  I would love to return but it is too late, the lodge has transformed itself into a zip line day attraction.  Sad, at least for me.