On Sunday February 14, 2010 the D&S sponsored a winter photo special.  The prior day they ran an afternoon Valentines Special that provide some additional photo ops with an afternoon train from Durango. The photo special was not a DRGW recreation and ran lettered for the D&S (and with the usual cinder catchers on the stack) but it was a nice looking train and there was a LOT of snow.  Because of the deep snow the week prior to the photo special, the D&S ran a flanger train to clear the line, and a combination of employees and volunteers shoveled and stomped down paths through the deep snow for the photographers.  To get the best light on the train, we backed all the way from Rockwood to Cascade which made for particularly nice shots on the high line and Tacoma high bridge.  The trail blazing done prior to make it easier on the photographers was particular impressive at the high bridge were the trail through the snow went all the way down to the river, and at Overland Curve they tromped a trail up a rather steep and treacherous rock pile for a nice view overlooking the tracks.  Clearly Rich Millard and the rest of the D&S crew had learned a lot from Dave and Jean Gross' prior winter trips, and combined with a lot of snow and great weather the trip produced some nice images.