The October 1992 charter freight was something of a precedent setting charter.   It was the first to seriously try to recreate the way the Rio Grande operated over Cumbres in the last two decades before abandonment.  It was the first time that two engine Cumbres turns were combined with a long two engine train west from Antonito.  Subsequent charters perhaps improved on this model to some extent, but this was the event that showed it could be done.  The charter was organized by John Craft and some friends, and advertised as the "Ultimate Narrow Gauge Charter".  It sold out so quickly that a similar charter was run the following weekend.  And during the intervening week a three engine Cumbres turn was operated with two engines on the point and a helper cut in (unfortunately the three engine train was so long that I have seen few pictures that could capture all three engines at one time!).  And also midweek the C&TS was able to gather all five of its serviceable locomotives together for a group portrait at Chama.  Many consider this event to be one of the high points in the history of the C&TS.