This visit had three parts.  First the railroad ran the rotary to clear the line.  But just west of Cascade the rotary was stopped by a rock slide that included a large boulder that had landed on top of the rail.  So after the rotary had gone back to Chama, the railroad ran a work train with a front end loader to clear the track.  A small group of us were allowed to go along.  The boulder itself was dynamited to break it up.  Gerald Blea than drove the loader across Cascade trestle and disappeared  off to the east to check the line out.  We Gerald got back we loaded up and headed back to Chama.  The final act was a photo freight chartered by Greg Schol to which I contributed the cost of a helper engine from Chama to Cumbres.  The plan was to go to Osier, turn and get a bunch of photos going uphill from there to Cumbres.  But despite Gerald's earlier inspection, we found the way blocked by a drift just west of Osier, and the loop at Osier still covered with snow.  And our engine did not have a plow.  We were able to bull our way through the first drift and make it to Osier, but there was no way we could turn the train.  To make the best of a disappointing situation Earl took us east to Rock Tunnel for a picture at the rarely photographed east portal.  But then we had to run tender first back to Cumbres.  All in all disappointing but we still had a good time.  Hopefully I can find more pix of all that an scan them.