Organized by Greg Scholl, this was a good news bad news charter.  The plan was to run multi engine freights through the deep snow shortly after the rotary had opened the line following a winter of heavy snowfall.  The first picture below was taken at Cumbres after the line had been cleared.  Conditions were perfect for some spectacular photography.   But things did not work out that way.  First, while returning to Chama after opening the line the rotary derailed due to soft track at what has become known as Orgasm curve, so our chartered freights could not get to the deep snow.  But a large group of photographers was already enroute, what to do. So the C&TS folks regrouped and offered to run three engine trains between Chama and Orgasm.  Not a bad fallback position.  But as we were all lined up at Lobato meadows for a shot, like a clap of thunder the 497 blew a cylinder head.   So we continued on with two engines.  Tremendous disappointment, but net net we still got some decent pictures.