These are a few of the men who kept the narrow gauge alive, starting in the last years of DRGW operation.  What sets these men apart is their willingness, either by choice or necessity, to deal with the ancient technology of steam railroading.  Of special note is Alva Lyons, the senior conductor at Durango in the DRGW's final days there.  He recognized the tourist potential of the Silverton Branch, and was a tenacious advocate for that potential.  Another notable contributor was Dan Ranger, one time general manager of the C&TS, but more importantly a major contributor to the modernization of the FRA safety regulations so that steam locomotives could both be safe and reasonably economic to maintain in the 21st Century.  But all of  the people pictured, named and unnamed, are contributors, working often long hours in difficult even brutal conditions to keep steam powered trains running on two very difficult stretches of old railroad.  Thanks.