The NdeM was the last of the mainline standard gauge lines in North America to use big steam.  I was fortunate to see the handsome Alco and Baldwin 4-8-4's run some of their last miles out of the Valle de Mexico yard just north of Mexico City.  About the same time both the NdeM narrow gauge system and the UdeY narrow gauge system were retiring their last steamers, but I was able to get a few pictures before they were gone.   Perhaps it is worth mentioning that some of the UdeY engines pictured here were saved and today power trains around the loop at Disneyworld.  Even the NdeM electrics pictured here disappeared shortly after I rode behind them on the steep portion of the the old Mexicano between Vera Cruz and Mexico City.  My first visit to chase steam in Mexico was in January 1968, followed by a second in May of that year.  Subsequent visits were mainly to ride trains, including several trips to the Guatemala border to connect with Fegua.