Somewhere I read that steam trains could be chartered cheaply in Guatemala, so shortly after my first visit there in 1968, I mailed off a letter enquiring.  One thing led to another and in March 1970 a small group of us chartered a two car train from Guatemala City to Zacapa.  That was so much fun the following November we chartered a train over the relatively isolated but spectacular mountain line from Zacapa to Ipala and return.   All that led to what eventually became Central America Rail Tours, a partnership of George Werner and myself.  We ran more or less annual group tours to Guatemala and El Salvador (with other trips going as far as South America) between 1970 and 1980.  One or two years we made some money but most of the time we paid our own way and just had a good time.  We made some good friends on those trips, some of whom remain good friends to this day.