During the COVID-19 hunkerdown period, Rey Barraza and I got some socially distanced entertainment and exercise chasing trains close to home.  It was fun having a reason to rediscover our own backyard, rather than fly off to some distant venue.  We spent time finding new locations and revisiting old ones on the UP CalP line, BNSF in Franklin Canyon, the NWP., streetcars in the City, and most recently the Mococo line.  Occasionally we would venture further south or east.  Each Monday and Friday we would meet and head out....somewhere. Occasionally I chased the NWP alone when Rey could not get away.  As the collection of images has grown, it seemed useful to divide them into several galleries to prevent the number of images from being overwhelming.  Now it is July 2021,  both Rey and I are vaccinated, the case counts are way down, things may be returning to some semblence of normal.  Perhaps I can close this folder soon.  On the other hand these trips have become part of our routine and are fun.  We'll see.