This was my first "group" outing since the Covid crisis started, and hopefully the beginning of a new era.  On May 1 the Niles Canyon Railroad had a photo charter with the 2-4-4-2 "Skookum as a fund raiser for the restoration work on SP 1744.  I had seen the Skookum on the Oregon Coast Railroad where it was rebuilt and first steamed up, and wanted to see it actually pull a train.    Saturday's outing was well run and as far as I could tell a good time was had by all.  For the most part the weather cooperated and we got some nice images.

Both the photo freight and the chase train faced west.  From Sunol the two trains     backed to the east end of existing track approaching Pleasanton, worked our way west with photo runbys to a lunch stop at Sunol.  After lunch we  ran to Niles Junction and worked our way east to Sunol.  The following pictures are more or less in that orde, with the addition at the beginning of two pictures take at Garibaldi when she was first steamed up, and a historic pictue of Skookum in service.