My old website was titled "A life wasted chasing trains", which was the very tongue in cheek title of a Winterail presentation I made many years ago.    I was joking of course, but a lot of folks took the title too seriously.  So I have tried to simplify things.  Just a life chasing trains.  And a good life it has been.  A rewarding career in the railroad industry, good friends, and a sympathetic wife.  And even my son loved trains before he got into computers.  

I would love to hear from you.  You can securely email me by clicking on the little "contact" link down below.  Especially helpful are corrections to caption info, much of which has been written based on (unreliable) memories of stuff that happened a long time ago.  It is also great to be able to incorporate into the captions comments from folks who either worked on or road the trains I photographed, or information about people in the pictures.  I have had some very enjoyable communication with folks from all over the world who were able to relate to something in my pix.  That kind of personal stuff really makes the images come alive. 

In general I do not sell prints, I do not have the capability to make archival prints.  However, for personal use, please feel free to make your own prints from the relatively large files posted on this site.  You can usually get pretty good 8x10 prints. Alternatively, some of my images are available from Imagekind, a commercial service that both makes prints and if you want will frame them for you.  From the folks who have used that service I have gotten good reports in terms of quality and timeliness.  If the picture you want has not already been uploaded to Imagekind, let me know and I will look to see if I can add it to the Imagekind gallery.

Permission for publication is readily given.  Commercial rights are available at standard rates, and rights for non-profit usage are generally granted free of charge. Contact me .

All contents of this web site are copyrighted and all rights to the images are reserved by John B. West.