A Life Chasing Trains

There are a lot of train pictures here.  Railroading was both avocation and vocation for me, so I had plenty of opportunities  I find trains fascinating both as a hobby and a business (the business part came in real handy in putting food on the table).  Between recording a bit of history and trying to capture their visual drama, trains make interesting photographic subjects.  I started taking train pictures about 1958 and haven't stopped.  I have tried to organize these images in a way that allows viewers to easily find whatever might interest them.  You can start by clicking a thumbnail below.  The favorites will give you a sense for what lies beyond.  My old website died so this new one is still very much under construction, so there are many more pix still to be added and many of the images here do not yet have captions.  Click the little "contact" link  down below if you have any comments or suggestions, or perhaps some info that I can put into the captions.